There is no one else like you.
Release your confidence, elegance, and femininity.
Be yourself. Feel unique.

Modern Art for Modern Women.

There is no one else like you.
Release your confidence, elegance, and femininity.
Be yourself. Feel unique.

Modern Art for Modern Women.

“You were not made to be small. Show up and BE BIG.”
- Alex Elle

“You were not made to be small.
Show up and BE BIG.”

- Alex Elle

Let's create images that tell your unique story and capture the beauty that defines you.

I am Liz, your dedicated photographer serving Lincolnshire, Illinois, and the vibrant cities of Chicago and Milwaukee.

Specializing in Modern Portraits, Elegant Maternity, Intimate Portraits/Modern Boudoir, and Fine Art Nudes, I am passionate about capturing the multifaceted beauty of women.

As an intimate portrait photographer, I focus on discovering and capturing the essence of female inner beauty. I am dedicated to helping women uncover their fire, strength, confidence, fearless beauty, and sensuality through the timeless artistry of classic black-and-white Portraits.

My photography style is defined by elegance, simplicity, and timelessness. I believe in creating images that stand the test of time, reflecting the true essence of the women I have the privilege to photograph.

My mission is to provide a safe space for everyday women where they can embrace and celebrate their beauty and uniqueness. Through my lens, I aim to reveal the authentic self, capturing moments that resonate with grace and empowerment.

Experience the Power of Classic Black-and-White Portraits!

Step into a world where every nuance of your femininity is celebrated. From the subtlest expressions to the boldest statements, I am here to showcase your journey through elegant, classic, and timeless imagery.

Welcome to the world of intimate portrait photography, where every stage of a woman's life is celebrated in its purest form.



I invite you to explore the transformative experience of intimate portrait photography with me.



"I approached this session as an opportunity to step beyond my comfort zone, a personal celebration, and embrace my body with all its "imperfections".

The reality far exceeded my expectations. I felt uplifted, cheered on, and encouraged every step of the way. It was a blend of fun, casualness, and seriousness.

At some point in life, it's essential to celebrate oneself without seeking external validation.

I believe that truly happens when you enter that room alone. There's something powerful about being there solo with just you, your thoughts, and the realizations that unfold.

And the album! It resembles something you'd expect to see in a billionaire's home.  So many emotions captured in every frame."



"I desired to capture my body in this new phase. The experience far surpassed my expectations. This maternity shoot deepened my appreciation and love for my pregnant body.

During the photo reveal, it felt like I was gazing at a completely different person, seeing myself from a fresh perspective, as a new woman — embracing this incredible phase of life.

This session was a perfect 10!"

- RS


"The atmosphere was meticulously crafted and cultivated. The thoughtful communication leading to the session revealed Liz's gift, intentionality, and self-awareness. The carefully curated playlist played a vital role in helping me fully immerse myself in the experience.

This session holds profound importance for every woman, as it encourages the embrace of our unique identities in a world that often fails to celebrate and acknowledge the beauty of our bodies. It was a liberating experience that everyone deserves to partake in."

- TK


"As I approached my 52nd birthday, I wanted to celebrate my body's incredible journey. It was also an opportunity to confront long-held fears and step outside my comfort zone. The experience was the best  gift I could have given myself. Liz has a way of revealing aspects of yourself you never knew existed.

Through this session, I've realized that what I once hid and felt self-conscious about is, in fact, beautiful and an integral part of who I am. No more hiding – this shoot has taught me to embrace my perfect imperfections, to own them because they contribute to my beauty and uniqueness. I love myself for all that I am!"



"I chose to embark on this session to empower myself and commemorate this remarkable journey through pregnancy.

This experience was the BEST! I have the most important stage of my life captured in beautiful portraits. Those maternity portraits are so elegant and timeless. Leave all your doubts behind and book your session! You will be so happy you did it!"



"As someone who values privacy and tends to be shy, the idea of a photo session never crossed my mind. I anticipated it feeling awkward and uncomfortable, but I was pleasantly surprised. Liz  quickly created a comfortable atmosphere that was both light-hearted and positive, filled with laughter. Liz's encouragement during the session and constant positive feedback made the experience truly enjoyable.

When you see the pictures, it's impossible not to love them and, in turn, not to love the image they portray of you.

Women often tend to be hard on themselves, overly critical of their appearance, and this experience is a powerful way to counteract that tendency."



"Engaging in this experience was my ultimate act of self-empowerment and confidence-building.

It was a therapy session I never knew I needed, the best kind! The memory of our session is etched in my heart as one of my most cherished adventures.

Liz artfully captured my narrative, every emotion, every facet of my being. She conveyed my story through the images, seeing what others might have missed. The session, undertaken as part of my self-discovery journey, precisely achieved its purpose. The images encapsulate me, my journey, my story, and more. Words become superfluous when you gaze upon the images - they communicate in a way that transcends my ability to articulate."



"This session exceeded all my expectations, blowing my mind in ways I never imagined.  Discovering the unexpected beauty in certain parts of my body was truly eye-opening.

This experience is a profound realization that we are inherently beautiful creatures as women, even when we might not feel that way. Our beauty radiates from within, uncontrollably oozing out of our pores, making us uniquely and undeniably beautiful, especially during growing life inside us."



"The reality of this session far surpassed my expectations. I found myself in a space within that was unexpected, exposed in a way I didn't anticipate. However, it all flowed naturally, and Liz made it feel effortless, guiding me into the exact space I needed to inhabit. Entering this space grants you the freedom to completely unravel and sit with yourself, whatever form that may take. It becomes your own sanctuary, and there's something transformative about the emergence of the exact version of yourself that needs to be captured.

It's raw, authentic, and unapologetically you. Many women would be surprised by what they capture in this empowering experience."

- AB


This experience surpassed all expectations. Liz possesses an incredible talent for creating a comforting atmosphere. Despite initial nerves, within just a few minutes into the session, we laughed and chatted as if we had known each other for years.

This boudoir session was a perfect 10! It provided the confidence boost I sought — empowering, liberating, and an authentic reflection of myself. Liz created an environment where I could truly be me. The photos capture my strength, silliness, flaws, and capacity to let go and have fun!"



- Audrey Hepburn

“The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It's the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows  &  the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years.”